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Academic Alliance and Networking

Academic Alliance and Networking

aboutImg01.png The KODISA has grown to be the largest scholarly society in Korea. KODISA currently has exchanged its academic partnership with nine scholarly societies in Korea, including International Convergence Management Association; Korea Artificial Intelligence Association; Korea Sports Science Association; East Asian Economics Association; Korea Welfare Convergence Association; Korea Food and Health Convergence Association; Korea Research Ethics Association; and Korea Fourth Industry Association. 

Thanks to enlarged academic partnership with those nine associations, KODISA currently publishes/supervises 14 scholarly peer-reviewed journals in the fields of economics, business, management, decision science, environmental sustainability, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies. The list of scholarly journals and publications as follows:

[1] The Journal of Distribution Science (JDS)
Print ISSN: 1738-3110 / Online ISSN 2093-7717/
Indexed by: SCOPUS, KCI (Korea Citation Index), KOAJ, DOAJ
On-Line Submission: (English; ACOMS)

[2] The Journal of Industrial Distribution Business (JIDB)
Print ISSN: 2233-4165 / Online ISSN: 2233-5382
Indexed by: KCI (Korea Citation Index), KOAJ, DOAJ
On-Line Submission: (English or Korean; ACOMS)

[3] The Journal of Business Economics and Environmental Studies (JBEES)
Print ISSN: 2671-4981 / Online ISSN: 2671-499X
Indexed by: KCI (Korea Citation Index), KOAJ, DOAJ.
On-Line Submission: (English; ACOMS)

[4] The Journal of Asian Finance, Economics, and Business (JAFEB)
Print ISSN: 2288-4637 / Online ISSN 2288-4645
Indexed by: ESCI, SCOPUS, Cabell's Directory, KOAJ,DOAJ.
On-Line Submission: (English; ACOMS)

[5] The East Asian Journal of Business Economics (EAJBE)
Online ISSN: 2288-2766/
Indexed by: KCI (Korea Citation Index)
On-Line Submission: (English; JAMS)

[6] The Journal of Economics, Marketing and Management (JEMM)
Online ISSN: 2288-7709/
Indexed by: KCI (Korea Citation Index)
On-Line Submission: (English; JAMS)

[7] The Korean Journal of Franchise Management (KJFM)
Print ISSN: 1234-5678 /Online ISSN: 2508-4593/
Indexed by: KCI (Korea Citation Index)
On-Line Submission: or Korean; JAMS)

[8] Korean Journal of Artificial Intelligence (KJAI)
Online ISSN: 2508-7894

Indexed by: KCI (Korea Citation Index)
On-Line Submission:; JAMS)

[9] Journal of Sport and Applied Science (JSAS)
Online ISSN: 2586-6028
On-Line Submission: or Korean; ACOMS)

[10] Journal of Wellbeing Management and Applied Psychology (JWMAP)
Online ISSN: 2586-6036
On-Line Submission:; JAMS)

[11] The Korean Journal of Food Health Convergence (KJFHC)
Online ISSN: 2586-7342
Indexed by: KCI (Korea Citation Index)
On-Line Submission: (English; ACOMS)

[12] KODISA ICBE Proceedings: KODISA International Conference on Business and Economics (ICBE)
Print ISSN: 2287-478X / Online ISSN: 2672-0620
Indexed by: Clarivate Analytics CPCI-SSH/ ICBE2015, ICBE2016, ICBE2017

[13] Journal of Research and Publication Ethics (JRPE)
Online ISSN: 2733-7146
On-Line Submission: (English; ACOMS)

[14] Fourth Industrial Review (FIR)
Online ISSN: 0000-0000
On-Line Submission: (English; ACOMS)

The list of academic associations and academic alliance with KODISA as follows:

[1] Korea Distribution Science Association (KODISA) Founded in 1999
President: LEE Jung Wan (Anhui University of Finance and Economics, China), Chairman: YOUN Myoung-Kil (Eulji University, Korea)

[2] East Asia Business Economics Association (EABEA) since June 2013
President: KIM Pan-Jin (Chodang University, Korea)

[3] International Convergence Management Association (ICMA) since December 2013
President: YANG Hoe-Chang (Jang An University, Korea)

[4] Korea Artificial Intelligence Association (KAIA) since December 2016
President: LEE Sang-Yoon (California Imperial University, USA)

[5] Korea Sports Science Association (KSSA) since July 2017
President: SEO Won-Jae (Eulji University, Korea)

[6] Korea Welfare Convergence Association (KWCA) since December 2017
President: KWON Lee-Seung (Gangneung Catholic University, Korea)

[7] Korea Food Health Convergence Association (KFHCA) since August 2018
President: NHA Young-Ah (Eulji University, Korea)

[8] Korea Research Ethics Association (KREA)since January 2020
President: CHU Wujin (Seoul National University, Korea)

[9] Korea Fourth Industrial Association (KFIA)since December 2020
President: KIM Jin-Hwan (Korea National Open University, Korea)

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