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작성자 KODISA 댓글 0건 조회 6,866회 작성일 22-01-16 11:39


January: Retailer brand (Private label, Private brand, store brand, etc.): Customer attitudes, development and handling process, etc.

February: Retail policy: Customer attitudes towards retail regulations, effects of regulations, international comparison, etc.

March: Instore merchandising: Customer attitudes, display, store lay out, store atmosphere, store management, product management, product assortment, etc.

April: Retail economy (retail theory): Competition structure, retailing structure, retailing system (retailing, wholesaling), evolution of retail format, etc. 

May: International retailing: Market entry modes, retail strategy, a case study, etc. 

June: General customer behavior: Store selection, product selection, shopping patterns, ethics, price, promotion, complaints, etc. 

July: On-line retailing: Customer behavior, business models, bitcoin, block chain, etc. 

August: Retail buying: Global sourcing, buying organization, buying methods, a case study, etc. 

September: Supply chain management: Relationships, a case study, etc.

October: Retailing Management: Accounting, financial performance analysis, loss rate, loss prevention, ROI improvement, ROI analysis, etc.

November: Retail location and, Other issues: Retail services, entrepreneurship, etc.

December: Special issues: Traditional market management, small- and medium-sized retailers, etc.   


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