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작성자 KODISA 댓글 0건 조회 892회 작성일 23-01-29 11:38


2024년 시행하는 IFDC 2024 세부내용은 아래와 같습니다 


We are holding 11th International Forum on Distribution Convergence (IFDC 2024) as well as editor meetings. KODISA welcomes and encourages your interest and participation as we will host with 10 different organizations as follows. 

1. Overview and schedule of academic conference: June 18th(Tuesday) ~ June 20th(Thursday), 2024 

 1.1 Title: 2024 International Forum on Distribution Convergence (IFDC 2024) 

 1.2 Topic: Research Practices, Strategies, and Ethics in Distribution, Business & Economics

 1.3 Detailed schedule to be announced 

  1.3.1 Day 1 – June 18th (Tuesday)

    10:00–12:00 Local Session - Presentation (Joint Symposium)

    13:00–14:00 Local Session - Presentation (Joint Symposium)

    14:00–18:00 Presentation of Overseas Scholars

    18:00–20:00 Reception

    20:00–24:00 Global Online Presentation Session (Webinar) 

  1.3.2 Day 2 – June 19th (Wednesday)

    09:00–18:00 Global Presentation Session and Joint Symposium

    19:00–24:00 Global Online Presentation Session (Webinar)

  1.3.3 Day 3 – June 20th (Thursday)

    09:00–12:00 International Visitor Greeting Exchange

    13:00–14:00 Closing Ceremony

  1.4. Operation mode: On/offline (online via Webinar, Google Meet, YouTube etc.)

2. Location: Eulji Human Resources Center (Yang Yang City, Kangwon, line streaming (International participants EXCLUDING Invited Individuals may participate online)

3. Conference Organizer and Paper Subject 

 3.1. Organizers: Korea Distribution Science Association(KODISA)

 3.2. Sponsors:  International Convergence Management Association, East Asian Business Economics Association, Korea Food and Health Convergence Association, Korea Franchise Management Association, Korea Well-Being Convergence Association, Korea Artificial Intelligence Association, Korea Fourth Industrial Revolution Society, Korea Research Ethics Association, Korea Koreanology Association. Korea Sports Science Association 

 3.3 Paper Subjects: Ethics of Research and Publication, Distribution Science, Environment, Finance, Business, Economics, Sports Science, Food Industry, Health, Franchise, Well-being, Artificial Intelligence, 4th Industrial Revolution, Koreanology etc

4. Call for papers

 4.1 Abstract Deadline: February 28, 2024 (Attach registration application)

 4.2 Paper Deadline: April 30, 2024

 4.3 Format: Word document within 4~5 pages (See template:

5.On line Submission/Contact: Email: (KODISA Editorial TEAM )

6. Accommodation and registration fees

 6.1 Registration cost: 450USD (Domestic participants 250,000 KRW, non-lodging participants 100,000 KRW, and international will be accommodated with no charge)

  -Invitees who have submitted a registration application and are either editors, operational officers, or former/current presidents will be accommodated with no charge. (Non-registered members will have to apply on-site and pay regular fees).

  -Online participants will not be charged, but must submit a registration form prior in order to be invited to the conference.

 6.2 Registration Fee Payment: Online payment (Money transfer to Hana Bank 470-910001-63504 KODISA)

 6.3 Accommodation

  - International participants: 3 day lodging with meals between June 18th(Tuesday) and June 20th(Thursday). For reservation, participants will have to submit a copy of the passport and airline ticket.   - Domestic participants: 2 day lodging with meals between June 18th(Tuesday) and June 19th(Wednesday). Additional lodging will be charged individually. Due to the peak season, domestic participants may have to stay in multi-person rooms. 

 -Families will not be accommodated for room and meals, nor will be charged for registration. It is suggested to reserve a room and meals individually.

 6.4 Meal service for registered persons: June 18th(Tuesday) Lunch, Dinner / June 19th(Wednesday) Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner / June 20th(Thursday) Breakfast and Lunch (total seven meals)

7. Presenter Awards and Benefits

 7.1 Best Paper Awards for the excellent papers  

 7.2 Papers matching major fields will be pushed for publishing in SCOPUS, ESCI, and KCI.

 7.3 Presenter who has applied for pre-registration will be provided with a collection book of presentations (Participants who have not pre-registered will not receive accommodation and will have to purchase a book at their own expense.)

 7.4 No accommodation expenses will be charged for keynote speakers and the reward for speech (300 USD) will be paid.

 7.5 No accommodation expenses will be charged for presenters regarding research ethics and the reward (200,000 KRW) will be paid. 

 7.6 No accommodation expenses will be charged for prior/current presidents and the reward (100,000 KRW) will be paid.

8. Notice: All events will proceed according to the announcement. Therefore, those who have not submitted their application and/or registration fee will not be able to participate. Additionally, those who have submitted their paper but have not participated will not receive any award. Registration fee is non-refundable.


Won Jae Seo, IFDC 2024 Conference Chairman

Myoung-Kil Youn, Event Preparation Chairman   


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